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It’s that time of year again!

It’s time to curl up in front of a crackling fire. Pour yourself a cup of hot tea (or a glass of plonk). Pull a dog or a cat on your lap. And immerse yourself in a good book.

Ahhh, I love autumn reading!

When I think about seasonal reading, summer is always for light and quick reads. Spring lends itself to romance and natural writing. Winter is for heavy work in which you have to sink for a long time. Fall, though, fall is my favorite. Autumn is cozy. Autumn is for warm, sentimental, comforting and cozy readings under a worn duvet.

And what fits this bill better than dog books?

This year I am including a book in each main category so that everyone can find something they like, including cat lovers who get a Bonus read at the very end.


To choose a children’s book for this fall, I turned to my 5-year-old evaluator Violet. She showed Phoebe cake’s two thumbs up and said“ “I loved the fact that this book had a different type of dog on each page and the flaps were fun. Plus, he has The Alphabet!”

And she’s right: each side shows a different dog and asks a question/joke with the answer under the flap. This is a sweet and engaging read, perfect for children who love dogs, of course, but also for children who need to reinforce their ABC learning. Available on Amazon and .

Dog memories

I admit: I am biased on this point.  Shortly after finishing the first draft of my own Manuscript, I participated in a revision workshop where the participants were divided into small groups. You wouldn’t know… the stars aligned and I found myself in a group with the most awesome women who love dogs as much as I do! After the end of the workshop, we all agreed to continue working together, and we have been doing so for more than a year. Isn’t it awesome how this happens? I love coincidences, especially when they lead me to Someone like Heidi and her beautiful love letter to her dog Gretchen.

If you’ve ever given your heart to a whole dog – and who in this group hasn’t?- then this short but powerful memoir is for you. It addresses major themes: animal welfare and the burnout that accompanies working for the rescue, deep grief, family quarrels and more, all told in a thoughtful and attentive way. Yes, you will cry, but you will also laugh and clap. Available on Amazon.


Do not forget to read the purpose of a dog. I read it in 2010, and I still have a crystal clear memory of the reading experience, it was so deep. The same thing happened to Love, Clancy.

While the Novel presents a large number of characters with a variety of personalities, the Star is Clancy, a very good dog who keeps a diary of love, friendship and his worst enemy (the cat, of course!). There’s just something magical about the way Cameron captures the canine characters. Although the premise is magical – a dog keeping a diary – it is somehow incredibly believable. And touching. And laugh out loud funny. Available for pre-order on Amazon and .


I know, I know. This is a fall reading list. But listen to me! I’m doing you a big favor with this, because consider your Christmas shopping done. Seriously. Anyone on your List who loves dogs will absolutely love this book and will love you for getting it for you. Ho, ho, ho!

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