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Who determines the value of a life in a Desperate Situation?

Unfortunately, when it comes to cats and dogs, many are at the mercy of the overcrowded, underfunded and exhausted shelter system. The shelters are doing their best; I believe that this is absolutely true. Unfortunately, there are not many options for high-demand animals – those with serious health-issue or illnesses.

But there are miracles.

And such a miracle is tabby’s place, a refuge for cats in desperate situations.

Somewhere, your life is not only appreciated, but appreciated and honored with the care and dignity that you deserve.


Described as a “positivity in person,” Ponce ended up in a special needs cat sanctuary after being rescued from a life as a stray. He loves both cats and humans and is filled with boundless love.

But life is not all sunshine for this sweet ginger cat.

Like most FeLV+ and FIV+ cats, Ponce enjoys good health with only a few rain showers. From time to time, he experiences eosinophilic plaque, a skin condition treated with steroids. Ponce also suffers from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a form of heart issue. Ponce HCM currently does not need medication, but we monitor him every six months with a heart ultrasound. But this is only a minor drawback in a mostly joyful life.

Fortunately for Ponce, he was taken to Tabby’s apartment, where he is being treated with love, affection, dignity and, of course, medical care. But Ponce would like to find his own family.


Angela Hartley is the development director of Tabby’s Place: a cat sanctuary. Located in Ringoes, New Jersey, tabby’s Place is an upscale, cage-free sanctuary that welcomes the neediest cats, regardless of age, most medical conditions or temperament, making it a haven of hope for the most desperate, with a special focus on cats with special needs. At any given time, 30 to 40% of Tabby’s Place residents suffer from chronic issues such as diabetes, heart issue and paraplegia.

Angela shared: “Tabby’s place is a “sanctuary” in the deepest sense of the word: a haven of hope for those the world has forgotten, a kingdom of kindness for the least, the last and the lost. At Tabby, it is precisely the most vulnerable, fragile and difficult cats who are defended, appreciated and adored unconditionally.”

Tabby’s place serves cats like Ponce De Leon, who might otherwise run out of options.

“Our hearts beat for cats in the most desperate situations, and it is a pleasure for us to dedicate ourselves to rewriting their stories,” said Angela. “The word “hopeless” is simply not found in the Tabby’s Place dictionary. While caring for the most needy cats, we have the honor of showing the world how precious and priceless their lives are.”

What’s it like working with these awesome cats every day? Here’s what Angela said about her role:


The hips suffered a serious health-issue. The shelter’s veterinarian doubtfulfs Hips was hit by a car. His little body was torn apart, leaving nerve damage and a pulled tail. Due to his health-issue, he has lost his tail and can no longer feel his left shoulder or urinate and defecate without help.

And yet, according to her caregivers, “when it comes to friendship, people simply cannot accept a ‘no’ as an answer.”He would walk around the sanctuary and crash into the lobby like an elephant with a swagger in his crotch.

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