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It’s just in: dogs are not wired for human life!

All right. It’s not “just in.”We should know, but it seems to surprise a lot of well-meaning people.

The dogs just don’t come to us and know that we don’t want them to eat out of the trash (but it smells so good!) or run out the front door to sprint down the road (but there is so much to explore! hurry up!) or not to stick my nose in Aunt Betty’s crotch (but I can learn everything I need to know about her!).

This is where dog training comes into play.

Dogs have evolved to work with us for tens of thousands of years, but it’s up to us to teach them the basics of our unique human world.

Now this has just come in: a well-behaved dog does not need to affect the planet. Training tools and techniques may be useless –we’ll see why and how in a moment – but we can improve the system in a few simple steps.

The Final Result? A cheerful, healthy and well-behaved puppy without eco-Chaos.



Home training has its own area, as it is often cited as the main cause of Frustration among pet owners and can create a ton of coarse waste in the form of plastic bags, paper towels, harsh chemical cleaners, etc. But there are better ways, and it all starts with a solid training plan.

My dog Cooper was the hardest dog to train ever. In the history of dogs. Now and forever, amen.

Him. was. impossible.

We had a few things that worked against us, but nothing pushed us back more than the terrible ice storm that enveloped our entire city with several centimeters of ice. The temperatures have dropped below zero every day and an icy mix has been bombarding us for ages. So, going out was an ordeal. Cooper just didn’t want to. At all. Never. It was cold, slippery, damp, dark, miserable.

So, tip number 1: Get a puppy in the summer.

I’m just a little fun. Get a puppy if it works for your family, but just know that you will be outside several times a day for a while, regardless of the weather.

Here are three ways to make your puppy’s training more gentle on the planet:

Avoid accidents by establishing a Routine. I hesitate to say “schedule” because you have to be flexible, but it’s something like a schedule. Your puppy should leave as soon as he wakes up, after eating or drinking, after playing, after napping and before going to bed. It’s a lot of trips outside every day, but it’s worth it. Your dog learns faster if he doesn’t make mistakes, and avoiding accidents eliminates cleaning, thus eliminating the use of resources (cleaning products, towels, etc.).).

Use environmentally friendly cleaning products to deal with accidents. Because even if you follow the above Routine, it will happen. You’re going to miss a window or your dog is going to have an extra sip of water or whatever, and suddenly there’s a mess. Clean it with products that are safe for pets and humans such as Castile soap and vinegar. I’ve seen people mix alcohol into Dr. Bronner, but I haven’t tried it personally. Dr. However, bronner’s is my family’s go-to place for any kind of cleaning under the sun, including our own showers as well as pet casinos. Use napkins instead of paper towels where you can and where you can’t – believe me, some accidents just can’t–try paper napkins without a tree. The ones we use are from Who Gives a Mist, and this link gives you $10 off an order.

Reward your puppy for his good potty behavior! When your dog comes out, give a lot of praise and a small bite of a delicious treat as soon as he eliminates it. Yes, this means keeping treats with you during the process. Positive reinforcement speeds up the process and makes your dog perform better faster! And I don’t think I need to mention it, but just in matter… never scold your dog for an accident. If you have to scold someone, scold yourself. Take him outside on time, several times throughout the day; he can’t do it alone. Clean up the mess and try again! To carry treats + pickup bags + house keys + a phone, I recently bought this fanny pack from a company that collects garbage for every product sold.

You don’t need to use puppy pads. Many trainers recommend them to avoid owner frustration when cleaning up clutter, but in fact, some research suggests that allowing your dog to disappear inside the house – even on a puppy cushion – slows down the training process indoors. Moreover, this is just another ton of waste. Focus on a reliable, regular and frequent outdoor routine. Reward each jar. Accept that sometimes accidents happen and move on. That said, years ago I bought a box of puppy pads and found the ones that were as gentle on the planet as possible. Why the Pads? At the time, we were living in a hurricane zone and I wanted my dogs to learn to walk on the pads in the Garage in matter we were facing a hurricane and we were not able to get them out safely. These are similar to the ones we bought and they use recycled materials. Not ideal, but good in a pinch.

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