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Hello, Friends!

Have you seen the images from the Webb Space Telescope?

I followed on Twitter in Astronomy (who knew that was a thing!?!), first when the first images were published, and now discussing what has been discovered.

In matter you’re not as interested as I am and haven’t seen them yet, NASA has made them free to share, so here are some of my favorites:

It’s real. A recent photo of the actual space. I repeat: It’s real. This is not a Trapper Keeper cover or screensaver. It’s a picture. Read all about it here.

And then there’s this one, which is almost too pretty to really understand. If you visit the Webb Space Telescope page, there is a Version of it that you can zoom in and zoom out here.

If you have time or if you can take the time, I highly recommend that you go to the first image gallery and check out some of the other discoveries. This is nothing less than a miracle.

I have learned so much thanks to the discussions on Twitter, even if the lasting impression for me is not the birth of gravitational lenses, black holes or stars – all this is fascinating, of course – but what really stays with me is the dominant feeling that resonates again and again on social networks:

Doesn’t that make you feel so insignificant?

I feel so small.

We are not even a drop in the bucket of the universe.

Hardly anyone realizes that we are nothing compared to what else there is…. We are a small patch of sand.

Lets realize how insignificant we are in the framework of things.

I copied and pasted them from social media posts. And of course, these images put into perspective the extent of our own lives, but I am honestly amazed that these are the feelings that prevail.

My reactions have been completely different and related to the shared bond that brings us all here in this space, so I wanted to share my two big ideas.

You are a unique event in billions of light years.

Not small, not insignificant. Huge. Seriously, what are the chances that we humans are even here as part of what we see, and yet here we are.


This is the second thing.

How lucky that in all these billions of stars, and billions of light-years, and billions of galaxies, and planets, and nebulae (nebulae?) and black holes… We have the dogs.

Have you read these images or followed the progress of the telescope? What do you take with you when you see and learn how old, huge and beautiful the universe is? And we, of all times, places and species, get the dogs?

P.S. I’ll be back soon with more posts, an up-to-date Email Newsletter and Instagram updates. I focused on finalizing my manuscript. It is now finished and published with a beta reader before presenting it to agents-woohoo! That means more time to get back here, so I’ll see you in your inbox soon!

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