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This post is meandering, y ‘all. Feel free to come back another day if you don’t want to worry about Google, AI, dog training and blogging. 🙂

If you are not someone who works online, you may have missed this great news from Google: Google will use AI to change the way search engine results are displayed. You can read the full story here. It’s interesting, to say the least.

If you are someone who uses the Internet for research, purchases, connections, etc., these changes will make it easier for you. Instead of having to click on websites to read all the details of your search, Google’s AI summarizes the results in a few short paragraphs that answer your question from various sources. Calm down!

For content creators, this brings a whole new set of challenges. If Google’s AI gathers the best information to answer your question and presents it in a transparent way, people will no longer click on your site to read the article. Click Create Views. Views create advertising or affiliate income. No clicks, no money.

We wonder if this generative AI can be considered Plagiarism, among other things, but the collective head-exploding noise you heard came from content creators predicting massive drops in page views.

And it stinks. I believe that anyone who creates valuable, useful and entertaining content deserves to earn a living from this difficult, tedious and time-consuming work. (On the other hand, all those Junky affiliate websites that are nothing more than keyword stuffing are penalized, so that’s good.)

I don’t think this is the passed away rate of blogs, although many seem to think so.

For me, it comes down to one question: why are you even blogging?

But doesn’t this question underlie almost everything we do? Why blog / write / train a dog / scroll through social media / work in a special team / etc.?

The reasons why we do things are more important than individual tasks, aren’t they?

This has a lot of overlap with those of us who are avid dog (and cat) lovers.

Stay with me.

Let’s turn to the dogs for a second.


You and I probably have a lot of overlapping reasons, and I guess you have some of your own. Maybe you train your dog for basic safety (yours, his, other people and pets, etc.).) or for the pleasure of doing tricks together or dancing doggy style. Maybe you train your dog to perform tasks for you. Maybe you train your dog as a hobby to keep yourself busy or strengthen your bond. Maybe they compete or show or hunt.

When Cooper was a puppy, my “why” for training with him was to help him manage his fears and stimulate his incredibly bright imagination… or he found ways to entertain himself, ways that often led to material damage. When he was a teenager, I trained Cooper to run safely by my side and come back when he was called. Now that he is almost 13 years old, we train for fun and to keep his brain and body active.

With Emmett, we trained hard so that he could be a working dog in animal-assisted therapy facilities, and with Lucas, we trained so that he wouldn’t eat anyone. For these big boys and Cooper, the training has also helped them to navigate safely in the human world and to establish our bond.

My “why” for dog training can be reduced to these three basic elements: safety, security and comfort (yours and mine on all three points).

What are your “whys” for training with your dog?


The cynic might say, because of the treats. And yes, this is part of it. You wouldn’t go to work every day if you weren’t paid, would you? However, I would bet that your paycheck is not the only reason you work. Maybe you like what you do or you like the people you work with. Maybe you work a job that gives you the schedule or the money to do the things you love outside of work. Whatever the reason, the fact is that you have one.

I think our dogs are the same. Their “why” for doing all these silly things with us is that they appreciate it, they enjoy our company and they rely on our bond to feel safe. Of course, they like to be paid with treats, but I really believe that my dogs trained with me for the same three reasons I train with them: safety, Security and comfort.


We want to make our dogs better. And by that I mean not only equipment and exercise techniques, but also veterinary procedures, health and well-being, nutrition and care, even care. (You all know my pernicious penchant for Coopsie: a Subscription to a squeaky toy!)

So we turn to the Internet.

I also talk to my vets and professional trainers, but a Google search is always the first place I go. I think this is also the matter for most of you.

When we train, I often use YouTube or Google to find tips and tricks. I follow funny and funny dog Instagram accounts to feel inspired and connected.

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